Particle extraction


I am running a particle extraction job from a ~20000 images and it seemed to hang right before 1000 images left. Even the status of the job shows “running” I do not see any update on web interface (shows the same micrograph it was showing an hours ago). I was wondering if I can use the partial particle output from the 19000 images it already picked. If I can how to do that. Any help is appreaciated.

Hi @Anamika,

Via your terminal on the machine and UNIX account that is running cryoSPARC, please run and paste the output of the following command (replace P1 and J1 with your project and job ID):

cryosparcm joblog P1 J1

- Suhail

i have similar issues occasionally. It happens if I use several GPUs. So, run with 1 GPU or use only CPUS (1-2). Probably best to leave it ON since it would take some time.