Particle extraction does not finish

I encountered an issue where particle extraction does not finish. If I have for example 2000 micrographs, the software won’t extract the particles from the last 10-100 micrographs and freezes. After waiting for it to finish within a day or two, I killed the job, and marked it as complete to output results. But no results were generated. I encountered this issue multiple times, and the only solution is to limit the number of micrographs that the job will extract from. Does anyone know what could cause this problem?

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Welcome to the forum @MLiziczai.
Can you share with us:

  1. type of cryoSPARC instance: (i) single workstation, (ii) separate master and cryoSPARC-managed worker(s) or (iii) cluster
  2. job.json from the failed job’s directory
  3. job.log from the failed job’s directory
  4. a compressed copy of /path/to/cryosparc_master/run/command_core.log

I’ll send you a direct message regarding the transfer of larger files.

I am sorry for the late reply.
It turned out that we had a hardware issue. After it was fixed, this problem went away.

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what was the hardware issue? I am having similar problem.

Unfortunately I do not know. Our IT Team corrected it pretty fast tho, without replacing anything.