Particle extractes as small set

I performed particle extract as a normal box size and also a second smaller box size. I analysed the small-box size dataset and now I want to use the cleaned particles from the normal box size data I extracted at the same time. How to deal with that? (of course, I can do the reextraction).
Thanks, Lan

If you click the little arrow on the job input particles, it will expand, listing each sub-element of the input. You can then open the “output” tab of the other particles, and drag the “particles.blob” element over to the job input on the right. The corresponding element of the input will be highlighted, you drop it there to replace. Then it will use the metadata from one set of particles (your smaller box) with the images from the other one.

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Hi Daniel,
Thank you very much to answer my question. I am not clear about " it will expand, listing each sub-element of the input.". did you mean to drop both particles file to one slot? I do not see the list.
I have 1 m particles at 256 pix and at 64 pix. From this second small dataset, I selected 100K particles. Now I want to use the 100K selected particles from the 256 pix dataset. Could you go step-by-step!! Lan

he’s describing “low-level inputs”, and here’s a related discussion.

thank for suggestion.
It is opposite to what you stated. I extracted particles at both 256 and 64 pix. I first analyzed the smaller dataset and identified the particles. Now I wanted to get those particles at 256. L.

Build whatever job is next (NU-refine?) using the subset of particles from small box. Click the small arrow at the left of particles you dragged, which exposes all low-level data like CTF and blob and pass through. Now go to outputs tab of the job with big box 256 extract and it also lists many small details for particles. Swap info using low-level inputs, I think probably “particles blob” is enough. But it may require some testing

Dear C,
Thank you so much. I got it now!