Page refresh when downloading maps

When downloading a map from v4.0.1 (but also v4.0.0), the page refreshes. This means I must wait a mean time of 7.86 seconds before the page is fully loaded and usable again. Minorly annoying with a non-uniform refinement, extremely annoying with a hetero refine or 3D classification job! It’s also scrolled back up to the top, which is annoying but not the main problem.

When persisting network logs, I don’t see anything that looks unusual to me which might be causing an unexpected refresh, but I can’t claim to be a frontend dev :slight_smile: The J42.volume... request is the first one after the refresh, with the jumbled character string requests being the last to complete during the previous refresh.

EDIT: Just tested, this does not occur when using Chrome, only Firefox.

It refreshes on its own? I just see a beachball.

Yes, it does! I was surprised to see your issue with having to refresh it yourself. Weird behavior. And only when downloading maps, projects and everything else load fine…

So that’s what I had pre-4.0.1, but beachball. Now it’s very often though, not just when downloading. What browser are you using? I’ve only been using Firefox extensively.

NVM just saw your edit.

Firefox, I just tested Chrome and that works as you’d hope. Which I’m sure you’re also used to as a firefox user :wink:

And to be clear, this is a full-on browser refresh, identical in behavior to Ctrl/Cmd-R. Browser network and console logs cleared, full-window (not just job panel) grid-of-squares, etc.

It actually does refresh on its own. It’s just slow / unreliable perhaps.

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I reported a similar problem that at least in my case, seemed limited to downloads triggered from the Outputs Groups subpanel–downloading from the main Outputs panel itself was fine. Is downloading from the Outputs panel triggering a refresh in your case?

In my case, closing the job card itself also did not return me to the project/workspace, but the GUI was stuck showing the grid-of-squares.


I was noticing the same thing, “time to refresh” seems variable, even within the same job/download type

Wow, how interesting! Downloading from the main Output panel indeed does not trigger a refresh! And yes, I’ve also noticed that sometimes after the auto-refresh I’ll have to manually refresh my browser to escape the job card.