Cryosparc webapp requires refresh to load

I have an issue after updating to csparc 4.0.0. When I go to the “Projects” view, projects do not load. However, if I refresh the website a few times it will work at some point. Issue persists even when I ssh into the server running csparc and run Chrome on the server side. Most elements in the “Home” page also do not load properly: Processing History, Jobs By Status, Lane Usage take a few page refreshes to load. Tutorials and Guides etc never load, despite refreshing. Downgrade to 3.4.0 fixes all the issues.

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A screencast showing the behavior would be helpful, but may be out of the question following downgrade to 3.4.
It is possible that logs may contain some pre-downgrade information. If you wish, you may create an archive of the CryoSPARC logs:

tar zcfv cryosparc_logs_$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S).tgz /path/to/cryosparc_master/run/*.log

and send us the tgz file in an email.

Thanks, @wtempel
Yes, I downgraded to 3.4 to see if it is version specific. I then went to 4.0.0, 4.0.1, now I am back at 4.0.0. I made some screenshots, but I don’t think they will be particularly helpful. See e-mail with the logs. I pulled them right after I induced the issue. Replication is easy - open new browser tab with cryosparc, click on “All projects” and there it is (or rather, is not).

this sounds acutally similar to what i experience now in this thread

is it showing up correctly after pressing refresh, then cancel the refresh and pressing refresh again in browser?


I also met this trouble of requirement of manual refreshing in browser after I imported a whole project in v3.1 from other computer to ours in v3.3, although the job seems to be working well. Any solution for us?

Yes, I just hit refresh randomly until it works.
Also, if I avoid going into the “Home” page, issue does not happen. (i.e. I copy the link to the project and paste it into a new tab).

I see this too. Sometimes the page loads eventually. It can be triggered sometimes by opening and minimizing a job, but occurs much more frequently after downloading a map.

Hi everyone,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues running the application. First, try restarting the CryoSPARC instance: cryosparcm restart. To help us debug, when you get to the homepage and the application freezes, please email the output of cryosparcm errorreport and a screenshot of your browser console log (right click → ‘inspect element’) to

Are you all running v4.0.1? We included a fix in this version that may resolve the issue on some instances.

- Suhail

Yes, this is v4.0.1. I’ve been seeing it all along in the 4.x series, but previously only after downloading a map or when the page has been idle for a long time (multiple sleep/wake cycles on my Macbook). Now I’m seeing it much more frequently though, e.g. when closing the job modal etc. Also for me a refresh is approximately 100% reliable. Rarely it takes 2. Will email the logs.

yes, it is v4.0.1. In my case, refreshing doesn’t work at all.


Hi @xzhang2017 , we need more information to debug this. Please follow my instructions listed above.


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This may be a different trouble from others here. It should a spawn error of database. I just solved this problem by stopping the cryosparc, killing the process of mongod, then removing the mongod.lock and finally restarting it.

Just to add that I have the same issue.

But it only happens after I download a map.

Hi @LTP ,

Thanks for reporting. I believe that is a separate issue in Firefox that we have since corrected and will be fixed in the next release.

- Suhail

updated to v4.02, but still cannot load database using firefox (see the screenshot below). It shows a completely balnk window when use a google-chrome browser.


Hi all,

We released CryoSPARC v4.0.3 today which includes a fix to ensure the application doesn’t become unresponsive when attempting to load the homepage. Please update when you get a chance!

- Suhail

It works properly now, thank you!

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