Overview freezes in cryosparc live 4.0.3


I am having issues with Cryosparc live. The overview section freezes when several thousands of movies have been processed. I did not have this problem with the previous version of cryosparc live.
Is there any way to solve it?

Thank you!

I’ve also had this issue recently, but only one one system. Was going to try replicating on another, then report it. You’ve beaten me to it! :wink:

Closing the browser window and opening again appears to fix it for <10,000 micrographs, but with >20,000 the Overview window will never complete loading.

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One thing I still see freezing the overview in v4 is if any movie has NaN instead of a real value for Ice Thickness. Since Ice Thickness is now displayed by default, it means the Overview freezes by default, where in v3 it only happened once you opened the Ice Thickness part of Overview.

You can check if you have NaN issues by going to Browse and sort the list based on Ice Thickness. Sometimes reprocessing those movies will produce a real value. If that doesn’t help, try collapsing the Ice Thickness before Overview fully loads, and you might be able to work with the other parameters.

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Hi all,

Thanks for reporting. We’ve identified an issue where the ice thickness values would be uninterpretable by the CryoSPARC Live interface, causing it to crash. That was resolved in the v4.1 release (December 12, 2022)

As for the overview tab being slow to load or freezing, this is an area of improvement we’ll work to alleviate in an upcoming release.


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