Output particles of multiple components in intermediates mode

In the intermediates mode, is there a way to output particles of multiple components all at once? It seems the parameter “output particle component” can only take a single integer as an input. I tried entering “0,1,2” but the job defaulted it back to component 0. Currently my only solution is to run the same job multiple times, each with a different component.


Hi @csparc_addict

We’ve noted the request! One possible way to speed this up currently is to create a workflow that creates a 3DVA Display job for each component in one shot.


Hi @vperetroukhin,

Would it be possible to create a new job type downstream of 3DVA display to just export particles from one or multiple components? Usually we have to inspect the output volumes of each intermediate from the 3DVA display job to decide which components contain the particles that we would like to process further. It might make more sense to export particles in a separate following job instead of including this function in 3DVA display.

Thank you!