Option to reconstruct final classes at full box size?


It would be useful to have the option to reconstruct final 3D classes at the original box size (or a specified box size), rather than the box size limited by the target resolution.

Often the target resolution that is best for achieving good separation is not necessarily the best for inspecting the output classes. E.g. sometimes a very low target resolution (16-20Å) gives good separation, but then reconstructing each class for detailed inspection is a bit tedious.



Hey @olibclarke and all – circling back to this suggestion to note that we haven’t forgotten about it! After some experimentation, we decided to amend the Homogeneous Reconstruction Only job rather than 3D classification directly. In a future release, you’ll be able to use the particles_all_classes output to reconstruct all the classes at once.


Great! This will be very helpful to have, thanks @vperetroukhin!