Old .cs file to a new workspacce to extract particles


I have a cs particle file which is been sort out to be a good particles set extracted from cryoSPARC patch motion corrected micrographs, later I deleted the micrograph and the particle extract jobs to save space. (here I have the *best particle file .cs, only this, no any micrigraph image, no any particle image left, only the .cs/csg files, in other way is only coordiante/ctf/pose info left)

Then I re-run patch motion corrected micrographs cryosparc of the same tif files but in another workspace. (Here I have the recovered patch motion corrected micrographs)

All above are done in cryosparc, no relion.

Can I use the *best particle file .cs file to extract the same particles from the new patched motion corrected micrographics in the new work space?

One thing I noticed is that the cryoSPARC give some random number (UID) to each micrographics at the start of the micrographics name, and each time run the patch motion correction, the number changed.


Tool called “reassign particles to micrograph” for exactly this. With guidance it deletes all the unique uid

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It is very cool! Thnaks! It gives me a hope! Looks working!!