NU refinement resolution drops

NU refinement from homo_refine_new , With the iteration, the resolution suddenly drops, As shown in the figure below:
FSC Iteration 008:

FSC Iteration 007:

after iteration 008, refinement was over。
cryosparc version: 3.3.1
217755 particles。
The thing that puzzles me is that when I cloned this job and ran again,new cloned job ran 12 iterations and got 2.14 Å map。
I didn’t modify any parameters。
So why did this happen?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @Kuangyi, both FSC curves look very weird. What does your density map look like? Do you see features commensurate with the resolution? I would expect to see clear, easily identifiable sidechains at 3 Å, and well resolved carbonyls at 2.1 Å.

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