Nothing in the half-maps after refinement


I tried to run the local resolution estimation after the 3D refinement but failed.
Then I found the half-maps generated from the refinement have problems.
They have nothing inside the box. Only some dust in the corner of the box.
I re-ran the refinement but still nothing in the half map.
Besides, the resolution changed a little bit too(from 4.26 to 4.7A).
Do you have an idea of the missing half-maps?


Hi @wenfei,

Thanks for reporting.
Does the refined map (sharpened, filtered) have the expected structure? The half-maps may appear to be empty because they are unfiltered, so they contain all the high-res noise from the particles. If you were to filter one of them with a low-pass filter the structure would appear.
What was the failure you had with local resolution estimation? Was there an error, or did the job complete but had an unexpected result?


Hi Ali,

Thank you for the reply.
Structures form the refinement and sharpen look good.
The local resolution estimation failed because it can’t find the half map (I did it with Resmap).

I did the local estimation with cryosparc today and it is working fine actually. And I think I can use the result.
I attached the half map and you can have a look.
Thank you again for the help.