Non-uniform refinement error

Hi all,

I am running Non-uniform refinement on my data set. At the end of the run the job fails with the error Job process terminated abnormally. Other refinement jobs like Hetero and Homogeneous with the same data work with out any problem.

Here is the end of the log file
– Iteration 6

Using Full Dataset (split 64643 in A, 64643 in B)

Using Max Alignment Radius 95.221 (3.663A)

Using dynamic mask.

Start local processing…

Expand dynamic mask A and B by 7 voxels

– THR 0 NUM 16321 TOTAL 204.40557 ELAPSED 505.92231 –

Newly generated random seed: 476753384
====== Job process terminated abnormally.

Help or suggestions are highly appreciated


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Hi @edu,

What is the box size at which you are refining?
Non-uniform refinement currently takes a fair bit more CPU RAM than regular refinement or hetero refinement, so if the box size is large then usually the job fails “abnormally” because the system has run out of RAM at a certain iteration.

If you were running this job in v2.12 and had turned on “Enable higher-order CTF” for the job, then you should try to upgrade to v2.13 because the memory requirements for that case have been reduced. Otherwise, you can try to run the non-uniform refinement job by specifying a smaller “Refinement Box Size” so that the particles are downsampled on the fly.