Non-consumer GPUs

Dear All,

We are going to add few more GPU workstations to our lab but we encountered the current shortage of consumer GPUs in the market. We already used 2080Ti for our other machines and we were satisfied, but these days the gaming cards are scarce in the market.

So we are thinking about using the data center GPUs which are more available but the prices are very high and some expert people cast doubt on their performance in our applications.

I was wondering if anybody has already benchmarked different GPUs specifically for cryoSPARC? Are there any benefits or disadvantages in using the data center GPU, e.g. RTX 8000, instead of a consumer GPU, e.g. 3090?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Farzad Hamdi

Hi @Farzad,

cryoSPARC can definitely run with enterprise level GPUs, in fact some of our testing takes place on Quadro RTX 8000s as well.

The main drawback between the two types of cards will be the price (for ex: $9999 for a 8000 vs $999 for a 2080Ti). However the advantage of an enterprise level card will be the larger VRAM (useful for larger box-sizes) and a slightly larger memory bandwidth (useful for faster processing).

As long as the minimum VRAM and CUDA requirements are met according to our guide, the cards should be fine.

Best of luck, and please let us know of any further questions,


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