Node.js using 100% CPU with no jobs running

Cryosparc’s node main.js process is using 100% CPU (one full core), even though there are no jobs running and the queue is empty. There are also no Cryosparc browser tabs open.

cryosparc status also reports that Cryosparc is not running, although it is (webpp is accessible). cryosparc stop returns unix:///tmp/supervisor--<xxxxx>.sock no such file (already shut down?.

cryosparc start gave mongodb spawn error, but was otherwise successful, and status began reporting that it was running (but with mongod FATAL Exited too quickly.

Stopping then appeared normal, but throughout node continued using 100% CPU. I then killed node, resulting in node processes respawning, but not using CPU; start again gave spawn error. Mongodb still reports exited too quickly, but it’s running and Cryosparc works. Very confusing.

Further inspection revealed two cryosparc supervisord instances were running at the same time. No idea how that could have happened, but mercilessly killing all cryosparc related processes, and then starting cryosparc restored normality.