No worker 2.13.2

After upgrading to 2.13.2, I get worker version mismatch. The worker won’t detect the existence of a new version. cryosparcw update --version=v2.13.2 doesn’t work either.

Can I force detection of the new version somehow?

I made a temporary workaround by editing the version file to read 2.13.2.


@stephan I’m still getting the broadcast mismatch error in heterogeneous refinement - if that was a worker update, maybe my version file hacking workaround was a bad idea. Can I force the version list to be rebuilt?

Hello Daniel,

Have you tried a manual worker update?

In your master installation directory, there should be a tar file “cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz”. Copy that file to the worker installation directory and run “bin/cryosparcw update”. Do not forget to restore the version file to its original state.

cp <cryosparc master dir>/cryosparc2_worker.tar.gz <cryosparc worker dir>/
cd <cryosparc worker dir>
bin/cryosparcw update

Hope that works.

Kind regards.

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Great, thanks for the tip - this is working.