No longer have passthough.cs in 2.15?

I just notcied that I can not longer use 2D classification job results to re-extract particles in version 2.15. Then I looked into the job folders, it seems that the passthrough.cs as well as some columns in the particle.cs files are gone.

In the past I could extract a lot of useful information from the .cs files. Also the ability to use any job particle set to re-extract particles is a very convinient (unique?) feature of cryoSPARC. Can you bring these features back? Thanks.

In addition, I think when I am using particle sets from 2D or 3D jobs to re-extract particles, when doing so was still possible, the re-extraction did not benefit from the better particle centering information from these jobs. Maybe I am mistaken. But if not, I think that could be a very useful thing to have.


After some checking, it seems that the missing of the passthrough.cs started from several select2D jobs. I am not sure why this happened yet. These select2D jobs were done after one round of 2D classification of particles picked by Topaz jobs.

It may not be a ver 2.15 problem. When I switched back to ver 2.11, the same behavior could be reproduced.