No 'lane' option (no worker node configured)


I am very new to Cryosparc and had just downloaded the 8GB test files. While I was building the job it seemed there was no ‘lane’ option. I assumed there was only 1 lane hence it was not shown. However, after clicking ‘queue’ the job monitor page showed that the job remained in ‘queue’ status. Does anyone know the possible cause of this problem?

Many thanks.

I have also attached a screenshot:

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Hi @falio,

You’ll need to connect the worker you installed to the cryoSPARC instance for it to become available as a lane within the user interface. The instructions for running ./cryosparc_worker/bin/cryosparcw connect can be found on our guide:

As the guide states, you can also create a new lane when connecting the node (if you don’t specify one it will just be added to the default lane:

--lane <lane_name>
# [optional] name of lane to add worker to 

# [optional] force creation of a new lane if the lane specified by --lane 
# does not exist

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

- Suhail

Hi @sdawood,

It seems that I did not install the worker package properly. I think that explains the reason why I was not able to connect to the worker.

Also, an additional question, I only have 8GB RAM installed on my laptop, which does not meet the requirement of 16GB RAM on the CryoSPARC guide website. Is this a must-must requirement?


Hi @falio,

Unfortunately I don’t think you will be able to get too far running cryoSPARC with only 8GBs of RAM. Keep in mind many cryoSPARC jobs are GPU-accelerated requiring NVIDIA GPUs and the jobs that are CPU-only tend to require CPUs with many cores and quite a lot of RAM. Please review our hardware and system requirements here:

If you have access to a high performance computing environment from your institution I recommend proceeding on that infrastructure. If not, you can look into deploying cryoSPARC in the cloud - here is our AWS deployment guide for reference:

- Suhail