No Error report but definitely an error exist


Screenshot_2021-12-13 J80 (P24 W1) cryoSPARC
Cryosparc v3.3.1 no response.
Except the import movies job works.
I suppose Worker and Master doesn’t connect correctly?

How to fix this issue?
Thank you!

@zhenhang Please send us, by direct message if you prefer, the outputs of these commands:
cryosparcm log command_core
cryosparcm joblog PX JXX
For the latter command, replace X, XX, with the actual project and job ids, respectively.

Hi wtempel,

Thank you so much!
I detour another way to fix the problem by reinstall cryosparc in the same workstation.
I applied a new license ID by a new email then installed v3.3.1 in a new local file through a new port 39010.

So far, v3.3.1 running well in 39010 port and I still can check the old results through 39000.
However, does it would be any potential issue in the future? During update process? And anything I can do to avoid that? I tried to backup the old results and restore in the new version but doesn’t work.

@zhenyang Running two instances requires special precautions with respect to strict separation of the instances’ databases, data paths and port ranges.
Port 39010 is not a suitable port for a second cryoSPARC instance in your case, as 39010 should be reserved for the instance running on port 39000.
You’ll also need to decide which project folders should be managed by each instance; a given project directory must not be managed by two or more instances. The guide includes a section on importing project folders to an instance.
A friendly reminder: maintain recent back-ups of your cryoSPARC database(s).
Please provide details, incl. your actions, specific error messages and screenshots, of any problems you are encountering in data migration into your new instance.

@wtempel Thank you very much for your kind suggestion. I imported the old projects into the new cryosparc instance. As for running the 2 instances, when I type “cryosparcm restart” in the terminal, only the port 39010 is working. I cannot get access to 39000 any more. I didn’t notice that Port 39010 was reserved in the beginning, so I only can wish it could work well all the time.

@zhenhang Each cryoSPARC instance must be controlled through its respective cryosparcm executable. You could do that that by either:

  • specifying the complete path to the specific cryosparcm you wish to run, such as in this hypothetical setup:
  • configuring and using shell aliases, such as (hypothetical example):
alias csmold='/home/cryosparcowner/old_cryosparc/cryosparc_master/bin/cryosparcm'
alias csmnew='/home/cryosparcowner/new_cryosparc/cryosparc_master/bin/cryosparcm'

However, given the potential for conflicts between the instances, you may consider retiring the old instance altogether.

Thank you very much for your kind suggestion!