No admin account upon install/create admin account via CLI

I recently performed a fresh install of cryosparc3 and turned the new platform over to the research dept.
Seems that there is no admin account, I know I created, required by install script, but GUI login fails and # cryosparcm listusers shows no accounts at all.

Is there a CLI based fix, script or database edit, or should I reinstall from scratch?
Not clear how a clean reinstall will differ from existing.
Not our first cryosparc installation.

thanks in advance,

Hi @BrianCuttler ,

Thanks for the post! It certainly is unusual that the initial user account was not created at install time. Since you don’t yet have access to the user interface, you can run the following commands to create a new user and set them as an admin:

cryosparcm createuser \
    --email "<email address>" \
    --username "<login username>" \
    --firstname "<given name>"\
    --lastname "<surname>" \
    [--password "<new password>"]
cryosparcm updateuser --email "<email address>" --admin "true"

You can find more details regarding the createuser and updateuser on the CryoSPARC Guide.

Hope this helps!

- Suhail


Perfect, resolved, and I’ve taken the few minutes to also upgrade our old v4 to the current version, just a few weeks and new features/patches, the software is critical for our researchers and well maintained.
thank you,

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