New users unable to set their password through the cryoSPARC web interface


we are having issues with the account creation of new users. This has been present on crysSPARC 2 and is still present in cryoSPARC 3. It could be a specific issue with our setup since I was not able to find anybody else complaining about this.

I can create new users through the Admin page on CS.
Then I send the token to the new user, they insert all the data click on the Create user and nothing happens. As if the button does nothing. The page does not refresh and login is not possible (if they try to login they get ‘user has no password set’.

This has been an recurring event for a year or two now. Sometimes a different browser seemed to help, sometimes a couple of consecutive tries seemed to work. In some cases I just resorted to ‘cryosparcm resetpassword’ through the CLI.
Any ideas what could be the issue?
CS 3.0.1 is running on Ubuntu 18.04.

Another comment/request from my side would be, the chance to delete or disable users. If I understand correctly this is not possible at the moment. I understand that deleting a user might cause problems for the existing jobs. Then at least a login disable option would be great.

Best regards!

Hi @eMKiso,

Thank you for the report! This issue seems to occur in certain browsers depending on how cryoSPARC is served and accessed on your local network. We recommend the following methods for accessing cryoSPARC remotely:

We’re also working on a fix to mitigate this issue regardless of how cryoSPARC is set up - I will update this post when it has been released!

- Suhail

Hi @sdawood,

thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward the fix.
cryoSPARC UI works just fine on a daily basis this issue is only present only on the New account subpage.


We have the same problem and fortunately we were are able to run a graphical session on the master and did http://localhost:39000 and it works.
But it would nice to have new accounts work out of the box from any browser from any locations (that can access the master).


Hi @abasle,

Thanks for your comment - a fix to work regardless of browser will be available in the next release!

- Suhail

Hi all - this has been fixed in v3.1: