New Job pending

As a new beginner for software"cryosparc",I do not know how to confirm the jobs status.
At the homepage of my cryosparc,it shows no job in “active” status,and my another job keeps in “QUEQUED” status.
So,how to convert the status of a job from “QUEQUED” to “ACTIVE”?
Thank you for help.

What are the specs of your machine? How much RAM do you have?
If there is not enough system RAM, cryoSPARC won’t be able to start jobs. Ab-initio reconstruction requires 8GB of RAM and refinement requires 24GB currently.
Can you also run the command
cryosparc configure gpu list
to see if cryoSPARC has detected and enabled your GPUs?

Thanks for your help.
I installed cryosparc on a low-configuration Workstation with only 10GB of RAM。
I will try another Workstation for cryosparc refinement.