New job failed and cannot download the previous result

I put my cryosparc dicretory to my external hard drive, recently I rsync my hard drive 1 to hard drive2, problem happened, any time any job I build, it will failed immediately, for no-uniform refinement/3D VA/3D classification it shows

For like bolb pick:
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘data’

When I try to download the result like the map of one non-uniform refinement, it stucks for ever.
I checked the directory, looks everything is there, do you have any idea? The cryosparc lost the connection to the directory? Anyone has any diea? Great apprecaite!

@mjyoung Am I assuming correctly that you are attempting to use drive2 in place of drive1? If so,

  • are the paths of on-disk files identical (and at the same level of the directory tree) between drive1 and drive2?
  • was mongod shut down at the time of rsync?
  • is drive2 mounted at exactly the same mount point as drive1 once was?

A functional test that could exclude some of the possible problems:

  1. Run cryosparcm cli "list_projects()"
  2. Confirm a chosen project’s "project_dir" value with the ls <project_dir> shell command. Are there directories for the expected jobs?
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HI @wtempel I just used drive2 for backup, in case 1 is broken.
This morning, I restarted the computer and re-connect the drive, it is working now. I am confused, though it workd.
Anyway, thansk a lot, I will follow the suggestion when I try to use drive2.