Negative stain - blob picks dark-on-light & 2D class light-on-dark

My negative stain images don’t pick well (with blob picker) when I toggle on negative stain when importing micrographs. But the blob picker does work well when I don’t toggle on negative stain.

Once I’ve gotten locations with the blob picker, I’d like to do 2D class, but with negative stain toggled on.

How would I do this?

I tried importing the micrographs twice, with and without negative stain toggled, and then combining this with the particle locations.

I tried exporting particles after picking locations (couldn’t import because no jobs.json file … but that’s a separate bug).

No luck so far.

Hi @Geoffrey,

Is it possible if you can send me a few negative stain micrographs so I can figure out whats going on in the backend?

Let me know if this is possible and I’ll email you some remoteupload credentials.

Good idea, let’s do that.

Hey @Geoffrey,

Is it possible if you can provide me with microscope info? Also, is there a gain reference?