Need help adapting for qinfo_cmd_tpl, example output?

We are trying to get a CryoSPARC v3.2.0 working with HTCondor 8.9.x as the way to submit and run jobs.

We’ve setup the cluster_info.json and are able to submit jobs via HTCondor but are not seeing the information with CryoSPARC for the CPUs, RAM, GPUs available in the Lane.

The qinfo_cmd_tmp appears to be where we can define a command such as calling condor_status to pull such information and provide as a string.

The examples ( ) describe SLURM, UGE, PBS commands for the qinfo_cmd_tpl and the example for SLURM and sinfo would have these items:

  • "qinfo_cmd_tpl": "sinfo --format='%.8N %.6D %.10P %.6T %.14C %.5c %.6z %.7m %.7G %.9d %20E'",
  • Ref (
  • node names (%N)
  • number of nodes (%D)
  • partition name (%P)
  • state of nodes (%T), extended form
  • number of CPUs (%C)
  • number of CPUs pr node (%c)
  • extended processor information (%z), number of sockets, cores, threads (S:C:T) per node
  • size of memory per node in megabytes (%m)
  • generic resources (%G)
  • size of temporary disk space in megabytes (%d)

Can you also provide an example formatted string of output that we could match with a wrapped script to provide each of these items? Is this a single line string with each of the values?


@larsonmattr Google lead me here as I now have the same question. Did you ever get it working?