Multiple worker lanes on the same machine

Hello, we are trying to set up cryosparc in a single node mode (single workstation) as master-worker. However we have two mounted ssd volumes.

I was wondering if I could set this workstation as different worker nodes via different port (e.g., both listens to the master at port 39000, 39001 for worker1 and 49001 for worker2) so that we could set different ssdpath so that we could switch between different workers? Thanks a lot.

I understand that you want to run CryoSPARC on a single computer and that your plan to run two workers (instead of one worker, in addition to the master) on a single workstation is motivated solely by the existence of two mounted SSD volumes. Is that correct?
Do you intent to use the ssd volumes exclusively for particle caching? In that case, it may make most sense to combine the volume using either LVM or md and use them as a single cache device of a single worker.
Please note that

  1. The master needs to be assigned a range of 10 subsequent ports, define by the “base port” at the beginning of that range.
  2. Workers are not (explicitly) assigned a specific port.

and review relevant sections (incl. 1, 2) of the CryoSPARC guide.

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