Multiple machines, multiple licenses

We have multiple cryosparc users, and a few GPU workstations that they all share. We want to have 1 cryosparc instance per workstation. Do we need to have unique licenses for each machine. Also, it would appear that the crypsparc license server (or whatever crypsparcm talks with to verify license validity) disallows multiple licenses from running concurrently. So it would appear that we need to have one unique user for each machine (that is, we need each workstation user to have her or his own license).

Hi @abreuer,

Just to confirm, is this for cryoSPARC v2? If you would like to share compute resources between multiple machines, you only need one instance of cryoSPARC (master) and a cryoSPARC worker installed on each compute node. This setup only requires a single license ID.

Please refer to the installation documentation for more details about this use case.

- Suhail

Hi Suhail,
Unfortunately, our use is not covered in the installation instructions. The multiple machines do not have a shared filesystem. We require multiple instances of cryosparc master. Do we need a separate license for each?