Multiple accounts

Hello, I was wondering, if the the cryosparc is started via ‘cryosparcm start’ by accountA, then a worker is connected using ssh string ‘accountB@worker’, it seems the queued job stays in ‘Running job on remote worker node hostname worker’ forever without proceeding. Although the bin/crosparcw and bin/cryosparcm are executable by account B. However, if the ssh string is changed back to ‘accountA@worker’ it is fine.

Is there a way to make this work so that master executed by accountA could control worker via ssh string accountB@worker?

@nym2834610 Without recommending this configuration (which violates a documented prerequisite), may I ask if you confirmed that

  1. on worker, accountB can

    • can descend into
    • read
    • write to

    the job directory?

  2. accountA@master can ssh to accountB@worker without being prompted for

    • a password
    • confirmation of the worker host identity
  3. files inside the job directories created by accountB@worker can be fully manipulated, including deleted, by accountA@master?

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