Moving cryosparc to a different cluster

I need to move cryoSPARC from one cluster to another. The files (the software, the database, researcher’s data) are on a filesystem that is shared between the two clusters, so pathnames will not change. Only two things will be different – the host name of the head node that cryoSPARC is running on, and the OS version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 vs. the old 7.

Do I need to do anything other than stop cryoSPARC on the old head node, and start it on the new one? Do I need to do a re-installation? Is there anything about the installation or database that cares what the hostname is?

Note that I separately asked if I could move a user’s project (and received an answer), but just to be clear, that was an unrelated question.

Matthew Cahn

@mcahn Re-installation should not be required. As you mentioned:

With this addition: between stopping cryoSPARC on the old and starting it on the new master host, please update the
line in