Minor problem: Workspace deleted, new one built, not showing in list


I accidentally deleted a workspace (W2)- not what I am going to complain here. The thing is, when a new workspace was made in its place, the new W2 is not shown in the project view or the green workspace dropdown button. But all the jobs are there and the workspace is accessible and functional if I put /Px/W2 in the browser URL bar. So it seems that it is only a small problem in the interface.


Hi @ZhijieLi,

When a workspace is created, the UID (Wx) is reserved forever. We retain the metadata of deleted workspaces so we don’t create confusion between active and disabled (jobs inside those workspaces are still cleared). Therefore, you shouldn’t be seeing a fresh, empty W2 but a W3. You are correct however in realizing you shouldn’t be able to access a deleted workspace through a URL route. Can you confirm if you see W3?


I do have another W3 which was created after I deleted the W2. Both W2 and W3 function normally as workspaces, except that W2 is only accessible through URL.

Within this project I did some more tests such as creating a W4 then deleting it before creating a W5. Yes, as you said, when a workspace is deleted its UID is reserved and will not be reused.

However, every deleted workspace was still accessible through URL(my browser saves and pops them in the address bar so it is really easy to get them ‘back’). Also I was able to create jobs inside these deleted workspaces. They function just fine. Even the original tags I gave the deleted spaces were preserved.

So it seems that what happened was that I didn’t re-create the W2, instead I just opened the deleted workspace (with all it jobs gone) and started creating new jobs.

It is not really a problem worth fixing. I actually prefer to have consecutive workspace numbers ;).

Great! We’ll make sure deleted workspaces aren’t accessible through the URL after being deleted.
Thanks for reporting :grin: