Migration question from one cluster to another cluster


we are moving three labs from one cluster to another. What will change:

  • new SLURM
  • new network
  • we are keeping the same path naming to files
  • we are moving all the files

When we setup the new head (master) what license can we use? Do we need a new license or we can use the old license without interrupting the original setup?

Do we need to adjust the SLURM job numbering on the new cluster to match where we left off on the old cluster? i.e is SLURM job numbering and issue?


Hi @jhargitai,

You can request as many non-profit academic license IDs as you need, just request them through the form at cryosparc.com/download using the first use case (academic).
There is no dependency on the SLURM job id for past jobs; they are only used to check the status of or kill jobs that are currently running.