Migration from v0 to v2


I have two questions about upgrading to the latest version of cryoSPARC

  1. How can we copy and update the database from our old cryosparc v0.3 installation to v2 so we do not lose all our work?

  2. Once the data is moved from the old system to the new, how can we update the absolute paths in the database to reflect in the new system?

  1. Currently, we do not support migrations of the old v0.x series to v2.x, as the architecture of the software is extremely different. The old version (if you upgrade to v0.6.5) is stable and will continue running alongside the new v2, our hope being that v0 will exist as a browser for old results (and you can still run jobs in v0 if needed), while v2 should be used for all new projects/workflows.

  2. Assuming this question is about the v0 database (moving your data from one machine to another, still running v0): In this case, you should only need to re-register “bulk directories” using the command:
    cryosparc configure bulk add <path> <name>
    in your new installation on the new system (v0.6.5). As long as you re-create all bulk directories so that they have the same “name” as before (they can point to a new absolute path, where the corresponding data is stored) then cryosparc will be able to find the data files that are referenced in the database.

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