Migrating a db owned by a different user

Hi All,

I am trying to install cryosparc with a db that we used previously which is owned by a different user. I am unable to rsync it to a new location (permission denied) and when the old user rsyncs it, the new installation of cryosparc seems to be unable to read it. Csparc starts fine but there are no users in the list and seems like the projects are also unavailable? Is there a way to work around this?

Many thanks,

You could ask the other user to (on the old CryoSPARC instance’s computer):

  1. cryosparcm stop
    cd /path/to/cryosparc_database
    cd ..
    tar zcfv db_copy.tar.gz cryosparc_database
  2. copy db_copy.tar.gz to the destination host (if necessary)
  3. make db_copy.tar.gz readable to the new CryoSPARC instance’s Linux account

Then, on the destination host, under the new CryoSPARC instance’s Linux account

  1. cryosparcm stop
  2. at a path of your choice, unpack db_copy.tar.gz
  3. edit
    to point CRYOSPARC_DB_PATH to the (full path) of just unpacked cryosparc_database
  4. cryosparcm start

This procedure assumes that the old CryoSPARC instance will be retired, and its license id reused on the new instance. Please let us know otherwise.
EDITED: correct CRYOSPARC_DB_PATH variable name