Micrograph display clips highlights and shadows

I’m not sure what has changed, but I consistently am not able to see an entire image without clipping in the shadows and highlights when I view micrographs in inspect particle picks or manual picker.
Using the override contrast allows me to tune the display settings for local regions of an image, but it is time consuming to repeat this process for every image. An example (denoised) micrograph is shown below, but the same is seen for the non-denoised images. Any ideas?

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I also see this, with multiple datasets. It makes micrograph inspection or Manual Picking virtually impossible. In general, micrographs from tutorials like the 20S do seem to be visualised pretty good, but all our own datasets show this behaviour. Please see example below.

Even with manually adjusting the contrast, large areas of the micrographs remain inaccessible for manual picking.

We’ve noticed this with V3.0 and V3.1, but not with the V2.15, which was the last version we used before updating to V3.

I hope this can be fixed.