Merging job history from two different installation

I am processing my data from same folder (through NFS storage) on our cluster as well as on our local machine using two different installation of cryoSPARC. Part of data (computationally demanding) I am processing on the cluster while part of it on local machine. Is there a way that when I am using cryosparc from local machine, it remembers all the jobs done on cluster and vice versa.

Thank you

An active cryoSPARC project, and its associated project folder, needs to be assigned to a specific cryoSPARC instance, and cannot “belong to” more than one instance at the same time. Jobs may fail and/or project data be corrupted when you attempt processing in that project on more than one instance.
This restriction does not necessarily prevent flexible allocation of jobs to either cluster or local machine: After deciding on the most appropriate cryoSPARC instance that should own and control the project, you may add an additional execution lane or lanes to that instance.
For example, after assigning the project to your local instance, you could make your local machine a submission host for the cluster and configure a cluster lane on that local instance. The local cryoSPARC master and the cluster workers would have to be at the same cryoSPARC version and patch level.

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