Mark as complete very slow

It seems like “mark as complete” applied at least to ab initio jobs is taking an extremely long time, like hours or days. Could any recent changes have affected that, or is there anything else we can do to speed it up?

Just don’t get frustrated and click “mark as complete a second time”… it restarts the entire process!

(We have seen the same thing for datasets with lots of particles)

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Oh, I’ll stop doing that then…

(and limit the number of particles explicitly probably)

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Hi @DanielAsarnow to help me further troubleshoot this, can you provide the following information?

  • The size of inputs and outputs on an ab-initio job that’s taking a long time (including the number of classes)
  • The command_core logs while “Mark as Complete” is running (wait at least 1-5 minutes before collecting):
    cryosparcm log command_core | tail -n 100
  • Your CryoSPARC version