Manually curate using ice thickness

I have now updated to the latest release 2.11.0. i am trying to manually curate micrographs and do not seem to be able to manually curate them using the ice thickness (it doesn’t appear in the possibilities) even though it is calculated in the patch ctf estimation. i am quite sure i could do it in the previous version.
this is from micrographs motioncorrected outside of cryosparc. but this was not an issue in the past.

Hi @ehanssen,
Actually we have yet to update the exposure curation job to show ice thickness - perhaps you previously used this in cryoSPARC Live?
This will be done in an upcoming release.

Yes this is ho wi used it previously but i would have thought that this was also in the standard version since it is not a “live” specific workflow.

This has been done as of v2.12.

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