Manually curate exposures interactive troubles and suggestion

When I use “Manually curate exposures” to remove bad images individual, because the “previous/next” button and '‘accept/reject All" button are very close and at the same line, but the “individual accept/reject” button is below, I want to check thousand images one by one, but I press wrong botton on "all " , it made me sad and crazy,I had to restart the process. so ,I want to give some suggestion about this, if , can use P/N on keyboard shortcuts, or put "individual accept/reject’ and “previous/next” button together and far away from “ALL” buttons, these can be below th images?

Hi @79463517,

Thanks for the suggestion - we’ll work on adding better support for keyboard shortcuts in a future update.


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Exactly as original poster. I do this so often I need to do a post-UI mod. Namely placing a sticky-note on the screen over the accept/reject ALL buttons. If I can’t see it I don’t click it. An undo button to go back to previous selection state would also work. +1 for keyboard shortcuts.

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