Location of *.sock

Is it possible to set the locations of /tmp/mongodb-*.sock and /tmp/cryosparc-supervisor-*.sock to a different directory? The locks are being left behind on the compute nodes and not allowing next instances to run.

PS: What are each of these locks doing?

The “sock”, as in socket, files are used in the coordination of various CryoSPARC processes.
The path to /tmp/cryosparc-supervisor-*.sock can be customized, but I am not familiar with a method for customizing the mongodb sock path.
Please investigate the reason why the unwanted sock files are (still) present.

  • Was the underlying CryoSPARC instance not shutdown cleanly? In this case, you may remove those *sock files after ensuring that processes related to that failed instance have been terminated.
  • Are the *sock files in use by a legitimate, active CryoSPARC instance? Removal of the *sock files would likely disrupt that CryoSPARC instance.

Please be aware of requirements that must be ensured if multiple CryoSPARC master instances run on the same host:

  • the instances’ respective 11-port network ranges must not overlap
  • their respective CRYOSPARC_DB_PATHs must differ

If you provide more details on how CryoSPARC instances are configured, initiated and terminated on the compute nodes, we may be able to suggest ways to avoid *sock file conflicts.