Local resolution throws error

I was trying to get a local res map after homogenous refinement (class4 volume map sharp). However, after a while of running at 0.5 FSC or 0.143 FSC, I get error “local resolution throws error” and do not get a map.
Not sure, if it has to do something with my map data which may have some poorly resolved region along with a decent resolution in core region.
below are some information which might be helpful in figuring out what I was doing.

cryosparc version 2.11
P6, J20, J21
CentOS operating system
project query user 5d71ad4bda9cde2e9d206c52 krishan.pandey true

Thank you.

Hi @pandeykk,
Can you report the box size and pixel size of the volume?

Also, in the local resolution job, you can try to change the compute option from GPU to CPU. This will use a different implementation that may not have the same issue.