Local Resolution Estimation Output Empty

Hello all,

I’m using version 3.0.1 and the localized resolution output is empty despite running without any error. I’ve used input from previously successful jobs as a control and still get an output that looks like this:

I have seen other posts that say the mask needs to be processed in the volume utility job, and I have done that, but my output mask still gives the wrong range (0 - 0.12):

even though the input mask is this:

Hi @Lucas, can you please paste a screenshot of the Inputs and Parameters tab for the Volume Tools job that you ran? We would like to get an idea of the parameters used/changed.

@spunjani I used the volume from a homogeneous refinement to create a mask. Here are the input parameters:

Hi @Lucas,

Just to confirm – the second image from your original post, where the mask is in the range (0, 0.12), is that the output plot from the volume tools job? Or is the third image the output plot?
I’m wondering as the third image plot says “Final volume” and appears to have the correct range, so perhaps the mask being input to the local resolution job isn’t actually the one from the volume tools job. Can you try clearing and re-running the local resolution job with the mask_refine low-level result overridden using the output volume tools mask? There’s a brief description on how to do this on our low-level results tutorial.


@mmclean The Third image (0-1) is the output plot from the volume tools job and the input for my Local Resolution job. The Local resolution job keeps outputting the 0-0.12 mask for some reason. I cleared the mask_refine from the input volume tab as described and now I receive this error:

After you clear it, can you try dragging and dropping the mask result into the mask_refine input slot? It should turn green like the slots in the page I linked. Apologies for the confusion!


Hi all,

As a workaround to the IndexError traceback that Lucas has posted above, please refer to the GIF posted here in order to run local resolution jobs, until this is fixed.


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