Local refinement mask sign

Local refinement is apparently inverting the mask I’m supplying. I set the mask type to static and the dynamic masking start resolution 1 A (just in case).

Here’s the mask:

and here’s part of the plots from the local refinement job:

Inverted the mask in cryosparc makes no difference (and the output is identical to the input); the actual mask values are all in the range 0-1.

If I threshold the mask at 1 and add a new edge (in cryoSPARC), then it works as expected.

I don’t understand what’s wrong with my imported mask, though. It’s completely normal looking in Chimera, and the map values are in [0,1].

Hi @DanielAsarnow thanks for reporting the issue as well as the workaround… I’m pretty sure this is a bug, but not sure why it’s happening. We will investigate.