Local refinement and next step

Hi, everyone. It’s result of local refinement, I want to know the difference of two GSFSC Resolution and next step how to improve it. Thank you!

What does the map look like? Do you see features consistent with a 3Å, or 4.5Å map?

Yeah, two maps are almost consistent, so I can directly use the 3Å map.

That wasn’t exactly what I meant - I meant if you look at the map, does it exhibit features that are consistent with a 3Å map? E.g. well defined aromatic rings etc?

@olibclarke Yeah, there are consistent in some features. Obviously 3Å map has more details in it, but I don’t know whether it is reliable.

3Å and 4.5 Å are very different, and should be visually distinguishable. The other thing to look at would be the mask - does the auto-tightened FSC mask look sensible? What mask is being used for the 3Å calculation?