Line 8: --cudapath: command not found in installation

I have been trying to install cryosparc onto Centos 7.9 by running the following script:

However, I am getting this error message: line 8: --cudapath: command not found
Similar issues have been discussed in this forum. I tried what was said but no luck. Do anyone have any solution to this?
Thanks for your help Best Yuro

Hi Yuro,

It looks like you have typed this script in a rich text editor like microsoft word or similar. Did you paste it directly from that editor into the command line? If so, try typing it manually. Word autoconverts certain characters (dashes, quotation marks) to forms that are not interpreted correctly by the command line.


Hi Oli
Thanks for your suggestion. I did manually wrote the commands into the script using gedit program but again, this time, “–license - command not found” error showed up. I guess it may be some kind of syntax mistake I am making but I can’t pinpoint what is wrong. This step should not be this complicated. Very frustrating


Try just typing it directly on the command line - not in gedit. Gedit shouldn’t add in any formatting characters, but just to rule out any issues I would try that

Hi Oli

You are talking about typing something like this in command line ?:
./ --standalone \ --license $LICENSE_ID \ --cudapath /usr/local/cuda xxxx. I am asking because I am not computer geek so just make sure that I type correctly.

Best Yuro

Right, but you don’t need the “\” separators, you can issue it all as one command