License not valid


I have been using the old cryosparc version (v0.6.5). I was running jobs until yesterday and today I tried to start a job and got this error that the license is not valid. Can you please tell me how to fix this?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @malikr021,

Is it possible if you can attach the error you received?

It just gives this when I start the job-

Launched job 4AFoSFHtfAqz64X6M
License is not valid

Thank you!

Seeing the same issue here also:

Launched job ojKqfKTXmgbJtKxH8
License is not valid

Iā€™m seeing the same problem for two separate instances running here as well (as of this morning).

Thank you for letting us know! We are looking into this now.

We are having the same issue with the old cryosparc.

Launched job J4eyRYheTza8vpJQd

License is not valid

Hi everyone,

We have resolved the issue on our end. You should be able to run cryoSPARC v0 normally.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

- Suhail

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