Kill/delete job that is not anymore in PBS/Slurm scheduler job list

I would like to delete/kill some jobs that had issues with scheduler. The jobs are not anymore in the scheduler list and therefore cannot killed/deleted them

I get

Command [‘qdel’ , '4406.ims ']'returned non-zero exit status 153 (as the job does not exist from the scheduler side)

Can I delete those jobs directly from mongodb? Can I delete all resources associated to a user as well?

Thanks you for any info



HI @jcducom,

This seems to be a bug- the kill command shouldn’t fail if the cluster command fails. We’ve recorded this issue and we’ll update you when it’s fixed. For the time being, you can manually “kill” the job by running the command:
cryosparcm cli "set_job_status('<project_uid>', '<job_uid>', 'killed')"

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Thank you so much for your quick reply and sorry my late reply! It did fix the issue.
Thanks again