Job process terminated abnormally


We have just installed a fresh install of cryosparc 2.15 and it was running so slow, we discovered that the cuda version installed was 11, so we reinstalled with cuda 10.2.
However, the job are so slow, ex. a job that usually take 10 s took 292.2 s.
And bigger jobs eventually failed withh error
Job is unresponsive - no heartbeat received in 30 seconds.

or even just

[CPU: 83.4 MB] ====== Job process terminated abnormally.

Anyone has a clue to why this happened?
Please help.

run a test with say few micrographs or reduced stack size and monitor disk I/O, load on the GPU card(s), etc. Make sure it is writing out/reading to/from the right disk/partition.
Btw, i don’t think Cuda version was the issue. however you might want to provide more details about your system/environment/job type.

after a cleanup and reinstall, we got a now get this error with a 2D classification job

Do you have any advice? Is there a cuda version issue here?