Is there a way to rebuild the database from an old backup

We had a hardware failure that caused the cryosparc server to become unresponsive. Needed to manually kill the processes to get it to restart. On restart, the database seems to have been reset. No users, no jobs. Seems to be completely empty.
I have a backup from a few months ago. Is there a way to restore the old backup and then have cryosparc update it to reflect the state of the system as it is today?

Hi @GeneF,
Just stop cryosparc and replace the database folder by the one from your backup.
Check that all the permissions are like they should and start cryosparc.
This worked for me most of the times :wink: .

@GeneF The best path forward depends on factors such as

  • database changes that have accumulated between the latest backup and loss of your database
  • the kind of hardware failure and how it has affected the integrity of the database (presumed lost) and the project directories
  • the complexity of your configuration of cryoSPARC users and workers

Restoring the old backup is one option, but will obviously not account for events that happened after that backup.
But if the configuration of cryoSPARC isn’t too complex and your project directories are intact, configuring instance users and workers “from scratch”, followed by importing projects may be a good strategy.

Thanks, all.
Turns out the backup wasn’t as old as I thought. Restored it and the users were able to “fix things up”
Thanks again.