Is the license supporting multiple users?

Recently I added a new user in our CryoSparc installation. But when the user submitted a new job, it returned an error message “Token is invalid. Another cryoSPARC instance is running with the same license ID.”

My understanding is that the academia (non-profit) license can support all my lab members (multiple users), right?

Yes, a single non-profit license can support multiple users as long all these users access cryoSPARC via a single cryoSPARC instance. A cryoSPARC “instance” is equivalent to a unique http://<hostname>:<portnumber> URL and requires a unique license ID. When a license ID is not unique, you may experience this error:

You can avoid the error by identifying the additional cryoSPARC master instance(s) and deciding if
(a) the additional cryoSPARC instance should continue to run. In this case, we can provide an additional license ID upon request. The new license can be activated on a cryoSPARC instance with the sequence:

  1. stopping the instance: cryosparcm stop
  2. editing the export CRYOSPARC_LICENSE_ID= line in cryosparc_master/ and cryosparc_worker/ files to replace the license key.
  3. restarting the instance: cryosparcm start

or (b) the additional instance is no longer needed. In this case, you can stop the instance and should prevent inadvertent restarts that would interfere with your preferred cryoSPARC instance.

Adding more “worker” computers to an existing master/instance (rather than installing additional instances) facilitates more flexible allocation of compute resources to cryoSPARC projects because any cryoSPARC project directory must strictly be assigned to and controlled by exactly (and no more than) one cryoSPARC instance.