Is it possible to mention the nodetype in a particular job, when we submit the jobs

Hi @wtempel , Here the requirement is to have a queue where, few of the nodes are having 1TB scratch space, so when I run the job I would like to run the job in a particular group of nodes, inside a queue.

As an example,

Queue name : g4-singlegpu

Nodes :

From the above nodes, when ever I ran a some jobs like 2D classification, I would like to run in the job in “g4-singlegpu-dy-g4dn-8xlarge-[1-4]” nodes, this can be achieved, from the SLURM side with "#SBATCH --constraint=“g4dn.8xlarge”, but can we mention the node type from the cryoSPARC portal, as job parameter.

Please let me know, if you need more info,Thanks.

You could make use of custom variables in the following ways:

Example A:
{%- if num_gpu > 0 %}
{%- if constraint == "1" %}
#SBATCH --constraint=“g4dn.xlarge"
{%- elif constraint == "2" %}
#SBATCH --constraint=“g4dn.2xlarge"
{%- elif constraint == "4" %}
#SBATCH --constraint=“g4dn.4xlarge"
{%- elif constraint == "8" %}
#SBATCH --constraint=“g4dn.8xlarge"
{%- endif %}
{%- endif %}

Example B:
{%- if num_gpu > 0 %}
{%- if constraint %}
#SBATCH --constraint=“{{ constraint }}"
{%- endif %}
{%- endif %}


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