Intel uhd 620 graphics card

I know that having a NVIDIA GPU is a requirement, but wanted to check if there are any options to run cryoSparc 4.5 with an intel UHD 620 graphics card? Maybe a virtual machine with a NVIDIA GPU?

Otherwise my laptop meets all minimum requirements: 16GB ram, 256 GB SSD, core intel i5 8th generation, 2 TB external SSD.

Thanks for any time and help.


CryoSPARC requires CUDA. Intel iGPUs do not support CUDA, therefore CryoSPARC will not be usable for processing - you could, in theory, install CryoSPARC in non-GPU mode (e.g. as a master node), but then most functions would not work without a GPU worker.

There are projects to get CUDA software to run on AMD and Intel hardware (e.g.: ZLUDA which was originally developed to try to get CUDA code ported to Intel’s Arc GPUs with OneAPI, and which later was picked up to support ROCm-supporting AMD GPUs) but a lot of stuff is difficult or impossible to get running reliably.

32GB of RAM per GPU is now minimum for CryoSPARC workers, 64GB is recommended.

Got it, thank you for the quick reply! :slight_smile: